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11 Hot Tips To Enhance Communication & Services During Uncharted Waters

Updated: Aug 14, 2020



1. Make your customers aware you are open for business and how you are addressing the

virus outbreak with employees, in the showroom and field service. Here is an example

from one our New Jersey Dealers on Instagram

2. Offer Free Facetime Appointments

3. Offer Virtual Meetings for customers. I use Free Services: Zoom & Join Me.

Under Contact Us, embed Virtual Meeting. When you’re ready to meet, the customer

just clicks the link and your both connected. Easy-Peasy!

4. Photos Freshen Up and Post photos of Showroom & Friendly Staff.

5. Showroom Virtual Tour. Video the flame footage especially your Travis Best Sellers.

6. Video Sales Associates pitching features and benefits of Best Sellers.

7. Embed Travis FireBuilder on your Front Page. 5 STAR Reviews reported from Dealers

who are engaging their customers Send your customers to your site instead of ours.


8. RAMP up your Facebook & Instagram postings with Daily Positive and Encouraging

Messaging. Again.. Video Sales Associate pitching the product and post!

9. Content: Create quality, useful, relevant and engaging content. It takes time bu

customers will totally appreciate it and look forward to your next post.

Home Deliveries

10. Consider offering to drop off a bag of pellet, bag of charcoal or gas cylinder for your

customers especially the elderly.


11. Customers are faced with uncertainty and having a payment plan will win the day.

Highlight this on your website and in the store with their POP items Travis has partnered

with Synchrony Financial under their home furnishing association to offer Travis

Dealers incredible New Rates!

For the first 6 months of enrolling, Travis dealers get an incredible deal! You will be able

to offer customers 12 months interest free financing that only cost you 1.5%.

For those of you who currently don’t offer financing, let’s get you signed up. Please go to

the back office to Sales, Pricing & Training menu. Click on 5 Star Programs then click on

5 Star Synchrony Consumer Financing. There you will find an Icon that states “Click

Here To Enroll”. Input Campaign Code: Travis

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