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New Non-Hybrid 2020 Flush Wood Inserts. A Market Game-Changer!

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

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A Huge Market


Close More Sales With These Powerful Selling High Points:

Redesigned & Recertified

Our #1 Best Selling Hybrid Large Flush Rectangle & our #2 Best Selling Medium Flush Arch wood inserts were redesigned and recertified with the NEXGEN combustion technology and met the EPA 2020 Certifications! Even though they already met the 2020 standards, what was learned from the NEXGEN Answer, Endeavor, Evergreen and Liberty challenged us to redesign to deliver the Most Dynamic Fire in the Industry! Cord Wood 2020 Preferred Travis chose Cordwood Fuel vs Crib Fuel to prove that our inserts , stoves and fireplaces can comply with the most stringent testing method by EPA. On the EPA Certified Stoves front page, they make this powerful statement: “ Cord wood is typical firewood which is a better measure of how a heater will perform inhomes“ EPA Certified Wood Stoves A Favorite Feature is the Arched Air Wash The ceramic blanket and fiber boards atop the stainless steel tubes was the essence of elevating the temperatures which allows it to get hotter faster and keep the glass amazingly clean! Burns much more freely. It’s a savior to poorly drafting chimneys! Most Dynamic Burn

The way of balancing the system between primary and secondary burns, you see a FIRE WALL producing a spectacular burn!

Incredible Control! Single Air Control offering Legitimate Full Range producing a Low, Medium & High controllability. So important to your customers. Bypass Damper Never miss an opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of this great feature which allow easy start up and smoke fre reloading.

Beautiful Large Cast Door Both in Rectangle or Arch with refined hinges. Body of the insert has a cast iron lip edge which when door is closed gives a tongue and groove seal hitting the bottom, middle and top of gasket to get that perfect air seal which allows the glass to stay very clean. Handle Beautiful refined wood handle. When closed you get that snick feel that indicates a very tight seal. The gasketing is not seen. Blower Two 90 cfm blowers. One on each side behind the face to give you that fireplace look! Serviceable from the front. Adjustable snap disc feature. If you want the blower to come on sooner or later. Clean annually. A clean blower produces more air. Rollers Rollers on back of insert make it easier to get into the fireplace. Installers love it! BTU & Emission Changes Medium Flush: 15,000 Low 55,000 High ( 2.45 grams ), 72.2 % HHV Large Flush: 17,000 Low 66,000 High ( 1.7 grams ), 78.04% HHV Up to 12 hour burns No Change In Outside Dimensions

Medium Flush: 2.2 cu ft, 24” Logs , 450 Pounds, Up to 12 hour burns Large Flush: 3.0 cu ft, 24” Logs,, 530 Pounds, Up to 12 hour burns

Both Approved for Factory Built Fireplaces.



We’ve completely eliminated slow, cracked open door startups and laboring over fickle newspaper.

Never miss and opportunity to showcase and Demo for your customers! They love this fantastic option!

Current Faces fit the new units. 4 Rectangle & 3 Arched Faces Panels fit the new units. Custom panels are available. Allow for a 4 to 6 week turnaround. One Piece Panel Trim Masonry Liner Kits Duravent 15ft & 25ft Kits. Includes 6 in. 304 SS flex, insert adapter, top plate & cap. ZC Box Liner Kits Allow you to safely install a liner kit into an air cool pipe system. All Certified by Duravent 25ft & 35ft Kits. Includes 6" 304 SS flex, insert adapter & factory built termination High Temp Insert Wiring Kit

Allows hard wiring of fan inside the insert. No Cord Outside.

New numbers:

New Flush LG ARCH NexGen


New Flush MED ARCH NexGen


New Flush LG Rect NexGen


New Flush MED Rect NexGen 99800605

Just Gets Better!

$250 MSRP

Pre-Order Now To Get In The Queue!


Best Seller: Large Rectangle Now

2nd Best Seller: Medium Arch late August

All other models September


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