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Massive Time-Saving Installation and Servicing of DVL & DVS

....More Massive Improvements!

Huge Time-Saving Improvements In Installation Set Up & Service

I encourage you to share this exciting news with all Team Members! Please view the Installation and Service 7 minute video with all installation and service. They will be thrilled with all the time-saving improvements!


NEW: Flue Connections ( 1/8 to 1/4" additional separation between intake and exhaust to make connections much easier. One screw to remove plate, same as the Radiant Plus.

NEW: Brackets now attached to insert! No secondary kits! Big time-saver! Note: All current stocked panel still work.

NEW: Glass Latches: NO more one finger pull ring latches. NOW two finger pullover design, lifting up and over. Same as the latch on our Probuilder series. ( The NEW latch, you don't get the visual distraction that customers see.

NEW: Redesign on Fireback installation. ( Huge time-saver ) No need to remove burner and grate. There are side plates ( key holed ) on side of burner. Loosen one screw for each to remove side plate. Install back first resting on shelf. Be sure to line up grout lines properly.

NEW: Rock wool can be a bit heavier on coverage verses the previous ember-fire burner. While useing kibbles but sure NOT to cover burner holes.


Install back log and side logs first. Place kibbles around the burner ports to add additional height and brush on rock wool. ( 1/4" to 1/8" thick ) This will give you the greatest flame presentation. No issue to block some of the air channels. Critical to keep clean around pilot area. Place additional chunks on sides to assure no metal is seen.

NEW: Conversion Parts Improvements: NO additional sheet metal parts needed! Still have the pilot injector and 2 main burner offices. LP regulator included but ( no sheet metal parts to change ) Goal is to make it burner as easy as possible no matter the fuel source.


NEW: Remove Visual Deflector held in with magnets. To access IFC just remove 4 screws on control panel. Loosen one nut. Lift IFC up and over. Easy Peasy! NO NEED TO REMOVE GLASS, LOGS, BURNER, GRATE, FIREBACKS AND VALVE TRAY TO CHANGE IFC! Therefore, NO NEED TO REMOVE GLASS. All serviceable from outside of box.

Video: 7 minutes ( A Must See )

First time installing, the guys will say “ that was easier” First time they do a conversion, “ they will say that was easier” First time doing a service call, “they will say that was easier “....Gonna Love It!


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