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Travis Dealer Meeting - Recap 70 Attendees !

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

A HUGE thank you to Earl & Janis Marshall ( The Fireplace People ) and their incredible staff for hosting the meeting! The hard work and preparation was the key to a very successful training event! Earl we were super proud to celebrate your Birthday as well as your 45 years of serving the community and industry. We love " Big E "!

John Beiermann, US Eastern Sales Manager, opened the meeting with the Travis state of the union recap covering subjects such as: 2.5 M in Capital Investments, New Product Launches, Market Trends and our NEW Firebuilder Website embedding tool. ( Goal is 100% participation ) 1 week after our meeting: 4 dealers already committed to embed as soon as possible.

Afterwards all participants were divided into 3 groups, ( Red, Green & Blue ) to rotate between 3 training stations. Station 1, John Beiermann: 2020 Wood & Pellet Update. Wood is good!  Kurt’s direction 2 years ago to have our wood lineup ready for 2020 a year ahead of time certainly has us positioned well.  With just one stove (Liberty) left to complete testing, our wood lineup is not just ready for 2020, but also improved and waiting to help you make money. Don't forget our new wood lineup is tested using the "real world" cordwood standard, and our BTU range shows that Travis stoves are high performance units, not single burn rate models. John showcased the NEW Endeavor and Answer at his station.

Station 2, " Your Travis Rep": The ProBuilder Clean Face (24, 36 & 42) and Linear's

( 42, 54, & 72 ) is simply giving you more fireplaces to help you meet the needs for customers by providing the Right Product at the Right Price at the Right Place. We covered in detail the NEW Cool Smart TV Wall installation and selling strategies. We covered our NEW non-combustible mantels and surveyed attendees to determine if offering a future Flex Venting kit could be a needed option. Attendees got to view burning units on the 24 CF, 36 CF & NEW 42 CF Fireplace. Lastly, we showcased a NEW POP item: Live size posters of the 36 & 42 CF. A huge hit! FYI: We just released the live size for our ProBuilder Linear. Check them out on the back office.

Station 3, Eric Ranes, US Eastern Sales Assistant: Covered our FPX Fireplace & Insert Lineup. The improvements to the 564 and New & Improved 616! Eric also covered the NEW Power Venting option. The NEW FPX Arch Metalsmith Face was showcased and well received. Another big hit was showcasing the NEW 4 sided Insert Blank Panels 47 1/2 x 47 1/2 x 8 to help deliver a custom panel option in a more timely manner. The NEW 616 was burning next to the current model. Comment: " Homerun"! see attached photo from my Iphone.

A couple of our dealers commented, " was not planning to come but decided at the last minute. So glad I did, it was absolutely well worth it "! I greatly appreciate Kurt Rumen's willingness to take the 40th Anniversary show on road and for John Beiermann's hard work and preparation to make it a success! Thank you Eric Ranes for agreeing

to come and conduct one of our stations and to Jena Anschultz for the preparations to make it a special day. The sheriff badges were a hit!

For those of you who could not attend because of distance etc, please reach out to me if you would like to have copies of the station presentations and handouts.

I'm headed to the House of Fire factory on Monday July 15th - 19th for some great training myself. Looking forward to sharing the results with you soon after.

So proud and privileged to work with the most elite dealers in the industry! Thank you for your continued hard work and support in selling Travis products!

On behalf of John Beiermann ( JB ) Eric, myself and your Travis family thank your for your continued hard work and support in selling Travis products!

Your Travis Rep,


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